Brian Walker
Database Architect | Database Designer | Database Developer | Database Administrator
Everybody has to work to earn an income, but I think there are two kinds of people in the workforce.
There are those doing the work they HAVE to do. They are "work to live" people.
There are those doing the work they LOVE to do. They are "live to work" people.
It's all about where your true passion lies (other than family and religion).
If your true passion lies outside of your career, such as with a favorite hobby, a promising business venture,
a public service function, volunteering time/labor, teaching/learning specialized knowledge, or political activism,
then you will be a "work to live" person.
If your true passion IS your career, such as with the best doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, musicians, artists, authors, scientists, explorers, and athletes (among many other professions), or even (dare I say) application/database developers,
then you will be a "live to work" person.
A "live to work" person, by his/her very nature, feels more strongly about what happens in their workplace
because it involves the pursuit of their true passion.
They are more engaged in their work because it's what they love to do.
They are more attentive to detail because they want things to be done right.
They are more invested in decisions because general direction heavily impacts job satisfaction.
They are more sensitive to a lack of progress because they NEED to be productive and have a positive impact
on the success of the organization by applying their true passion.
Personally, I'm definitely a "live to work" person.
It drives me to excel in my career, but it also makes me susceptible to losing patience with various roadblocks.